Why Gala?

Because one of our values is Celebration.

Which means that we place a high degree of importance on fun gatherings around a meaningful purpose.

Gala is an biennial opportunity to bring our community together to celebrate what we all share and support and fund a single project. It’s a chance to reflect as we look forward to the future and invest in it.

For some, it’s a savings goal. They make their donation every two years. They give in celebration of our community and our future!

We dance, we dine, we whir the night away surrounded by the familiar faces of mothers, nurses, doctors, coaches, husbands, uncles, grown children, neighbors, ranchers, business partners and many others who are active investors in our community. It’s a night for us all to enjoy one another and show that we believe, together, in the vision of Foundation to Build This Community by keeping Our Health Care Here. Always.