2007: Brune Professional Building

“A gift means more than words when given with a thankful heart.” -Leo C. Tynan, MD, and Forest J. Rees, Jr.

One of the foundation’s most inspiring projects was the 13,000-square-foot Brune Professional Building that houses HCM Hospice and HCM Home Health Care, HCM Breast Center, HCM Cancer Resource Center, as well as designated support services including the HCMH Foundation office. Thanks to the financial commitment and ongoing support of Ed and Trudy Brune, this building project, located north of the main hospital campus, came to fruition in 2007.

HCM Home Health Care: Skilled professionals provide quality health care services where the patients are most comfortable—in the healing environment of their own homes. Available assistance may include skilled nursing, home health aides, various types of therapy and an array of social services.

HCM Hospice: Special end-of-life care is given to hospice patients and families in the comfort of familiar surroundings at home or in a long-term care facility, an assisted living community or a hospital setting. Through a patient-centered interdisciplinary team, hospice serves each patient’s medical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Well known for their generosity, the Brunes recognized the need for quality hospice and home health care services in Fredericksburg and the surrounding community. So they made it possible for these needed services to have a home close to the main hospital campus—those services that support the continuum of life for their community.