2009: Schwindt Endowment Fund

“The HCMH Foundation’s endowment fund is a wonderful opportunity for us to ensure that our legacy of giving is remembered by our children and grandchildren." —Forest J. Rees, Jr.

Hannelore and Walter Schwindt traveled the world together. Both avid readers, they were students of different world cultures, economic theories, financial and social trends, politics, personal growth and much more. Despite their international travels and the cosmopolitan environment in which they thrived, they led a simple, thoughtful lifestyle.

They spent their summers in Maine and their winters in Texas. Methodically and together, they planned how their personal financial assets were to be used upon their demise. It was important to them to take care of their friends and neighbors in the Gillespie County region. To do this, they set up a permanent fund to help support high quality health care in the form of an endowment fund.

Walter died in 2002. Upon Hannelore’s death in 2009, the Schwindt Endowment Fund was created from the charitable portion of their estate. This gift is particularly notable for several reasons: first, it is by far the largest endowment gift that the HCMH Foundation has received to date; and second, the fund is restricted and cannot be used for hospital operational expenses. Instead, the interest earnings are dedicated solely to be used for capital, equipment or technology expansion or advancement. The Schwindts were true visionaries of their time. Their gift will generate interest income for Hill Country Memorial year after year, but the principal will remain intact. Their gift will support high quality health care for their friends and neighbors for many generations to come. A gift shared, appreciated by many, forever. That is quite a vision, indeed.