2014: 3D Tomosenthesis

In spring of 2014 the HCMH Foundation set its sights on raising funds to purchase a digital breast tomosynthesis machine. This new machine uses 3D technology to create a clearer, more precise image of the breast..

The 3D tomosynthesis mammogram machine operateslike a CT scanner. It capturesimage “slices” of the breast from different angles and reconstructs them to produce an enhanced, highly accurate picture. A 3D mammogram can be especially useful for women with a family history of breast cancer and those with dense breasts. The 3D machine also provides better visualization of lesions, especially in dense tissue.

Donations to the HCMH Foundation 2014 Spring Appeal and a generous gift from the Don L. and Julie Holden Foundation, Inc. made the purchase of the new machine possible.